We would be honoured to help you
plan a funeral that celebrates the
unique life of your loved one.
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Jill Findlay: Funeral Director

There is often confusion over where to begin when having a funeral.
We're here to help and support you with every step through this difficult time.

"It has been my privilege to serve families in the community with care and expertise while offering a wide range of services to meet your families needs.

I will listen to your wishes to help plan a celebration consistent with your expectations and family culture. I come to your place, where you are relaxed and spend time explaining what happens and what you want to have happen during this time.

When someone dies it is never an easy. It would be my privilege to assist you during this time, to use all my skills to take the stress away and to create a day when we acknowledge the life of your loved one.   

Please call on 021361572. "



Our rose a symbol of life, love & peace

Life is a multifaceted experience. Just like the rose with its heart and petal system that extends out to form layers, we affect family, friends, associates and our acquaintances in many different ways. The way we live, or simply because we live, allows an imprint of ourselves to be left on the heart of others.

When the rose dies, it is not dead. It leaves behind a bulb that grows into a fruit called ‘Rosehip’. When a loved one dies, their departure leaves us with their fruit. The true worth and value of their life remains in our heart, even when they are no longer with us.

And just as the rose is a symbol of peace, we know that at the time of a funeral – peace is what you need the most.